Application for Financial Assistance

Confidential Application

SPIKE2CARE will accept all applications for individuals associated with the local volleyball community including household members of an individual associated with the volleyball community. An individual may also nominate themselves. Each application will be reviewed closely by the SPIKE2CARE Distribution of Benefits Committee and will ultimately be approved or denied by the SPIKE2CARE Executive Board. A member of the SPIKE2CARE Distribution of Benefits Committee may contact the nominee or nominator to discuss the application or gather further information. The amount of the funds allocated is dependent upon the number of applicants and the amount available for distribution. Within 72 hours, SPIKE2CARE will send a confirmation email that your application has been received.

  • You may attach additional pages to this application for use by the Distribution of Benefits committee to better understand the specific need.
  • I understand that acceptance of an application does not guarantee a funds allocation.
  • I understand the conditions of this funds allocation program and would like the nominated to be considered for the amount requested.
Only doc, docx, pdf and txt formats are acceptable.