Spike2Scare Coed 4's Volleyball Tournament

4 on 4

$ 25.00 (per player)

Sat, Oct 28

Deer Park High School

800 S Weber Rd, Deer Park, WA 99006, Deer Park

Check In: 8:00 AM

Captain's Meeting: 8:30 AM

Start Play: 8:45 AM


Regular Coed Fours


This is a coed fours tournament, NOT reverse. So guys can hit anywhere and block anyone. MUST have at least one girl on the court at all times. 

Cap is 16 teams. You may have 5 people on your team if you choose, but registration is still $25 per person ($30 if you pay the day of). Check in time is at 8am, captain's meeting at 8:30, first serve at 8:45!

We will have bananas, bagels, cream cheese and peanut butter! Bring your own hydration, peeps!

Additional Info

We will discuss specific rules at the tournament, but just remember this is NOT a reverse coed tourney, so the guys don't just have to hit behind the ten foot line and they can even block girls!

Come in costume for the contest, best dressed team wins a prize! (do NOT need to play in costume, please reduce risk of injury if your costume is not safe during play)

Registration Deadline: Wed, Oct 25


9/16 spots filled

Competitive Division

MemberBerries - Hope Francis, Joshua Carter, Joel Evans, Erika Arai
Steve Gregerson - Steve Gregerson, Danny Higgins, Dao crosby, Celeste crosby
The Volleyballers - Chris Hartis, Ross Johnson, Scotty Alexander, Shelby Puckett
Moist - Tony beggs, Abbie Younkin, Ryan Ovens
New Kids on the Block - Nick Bemis , Corbin Klinkhammer , Kate Hart , Greg Safranek
Rasheed Bellamy - Rasheed Bellamy , Trina Clayeux , Joann luse , Seth Schaefer
Team HiKi No - Joseph Antonowicz, Todd Harr, Becky Moudree, Joey Dickinson
Once Upon A Volley - Nick Franco, Amani El-Alayli, Ayumi Mueller, Jarrod Swanson
Orange Crush - John Kramer, Rick Wright , Taylor Sellers, Lane Erskine

Free Agents

Madisen Welliver - Division: Competitive
Nesha Howard - Division: Competitive
Devin Marks - Division: Competitive
Amy Fairbanks - Division: Competitive
GABRIELLE GARVEY - Division: Competitive